Revelation Is “Heart Wall”

Revelation is … the concept of a ‘Heart – Wall’ from Dr. Bradley Nelson. I’ve been reading his book ‘The Emotion Code’ and loving his idea of releasing the trapped emotions of a ‘Heart-Wall.’ His theory is that the way most people deal with uncomfortable situations is to build a ‘Heart-Wall” (subconsciously) to defend and shield themselves from being hurt. It acts as a protection around the heart – built of the subconscious energy of trapped emotions. Who hasn’t suffered from feelings of isolation, being on the outside looking in, rejection, discouragement etc. especially from childhood? He shares beautiful stories of people’s experiences when their “Heart-Walls’ dissolve. I’ve been combining his ideas (magnets), and the Louise Hay work of ‘being willing to release’, and intuitive meditative prayer to dissolve mine. It is so empowering and revealing to do this. His quote: “Those whose hearts are open (from dissolving their ‘Heart-Wall’) will be the anchors for that divine energy that will transform and heal the world. Sounds good to me.

22nd day of the month of Teves – the month of Revelation