Possibilities are Endless

Possibilities are … the relationship that you have with spirituality. I am blessed to be a woman who follows the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Today marks the celebration of the positive ruling in the 1987 Federal court case that involved the Chassidic library of Lubavitch. Rare books were stolen and sold and the question was to whom the books belonged—was it to an individual who was related to the past Rebbe of Lubavitch or to the Chassidim as a collective whole. The case was won in court when the Rebbetzin, wife of the Rebbe and daughter of the past Rebbe, declared that “The books, like my father, belong to the Chassidim.” A Rebbe belongs to the people, it is them who the Rebbe thinks about and cares deeply for. His life is given over to answering their fears and blessing them for revealed good. He sees into the soul of others, and guides them carefully on their journey through this ever-changing world. It is a gift to be connected to someone such as this. My Rebbe shows me the infinite power of possibilities.
5th day of the Jewish month of Teves – the month of Possibilities