Potentials are Being Co-creators with the Divine

Potentials are … seeing the world as the way the Rebbe sees it. The Rebbe says that the world has changed from what it used to be like. In Kabbalistic terms, the purpose of creation was that this very physical and often dark world would be transformed into a place that Hashem (G-d) dwells in and feels at home in. Meaning a place of light, a place of holiness. There were sparks that needed to be elevated and work to be done to create this kind of world that receives the full revelation of G-d’s light. The Rebbe envisioned it as a small child of three and worked his entire life to create it in partnership with Hashem. He entrusted us to do the same. The Rebbe sees in the spiritual realms that all that has needed to be accomplished has been. Our job is to keep increasing in acts of goodness and kindness as he mentioned to the CNN reporter years ago and to ‘open our eyes’ to see the revelation of light in the world. There is no place that I go nowadays where I don’t see this revelation of light. Everywhere – at airports, at stores, in social media, in the news, in airline magazines (Southwest is the best!), and all over, people and companies are encouraging charity, kindness and love. May we continue to do our best to notice and reveal full divine light until completion so that this world is a safe, holy place to be for everyone. May the energy of those who wish to harm be banished or transformed for good. May the world and each one of us only know Peace. May we complete the job that has been entrusted to us as co-creative partners of the Divine.
29th day of the Jewish month of Teves – the month of Potentials