Possibilities are Dancing With Faith

Possibilities are … dancing with tambourines. When the Jewish women left Egypt (Passover story), they brought tambourines out along with the matzah. The tambourines were to be used to celebrate their freedom with song and dance which they did do after the miracle of crossing the sea. Their faith was so strong that they and their families would be safe, that the prophecy of Moses would come true and that Hashem (G-d) was with them in a revealed good way. I just was writing¬†in my memoir this morning of the time in Crown Heights, Brooklyn when women danced with tambourines in the 1990’s. It was after the Lubavitcher Rebbe spoke that the souls that left Egypt thousands of years ago are the reincarnated souls of today and that women should dance to celebrate our faith in the end of suffering. Joy is a wonderful way of declaring faith in positive possibilities.
29th day of the Jewish month of Teves – the month of Possibilities