Possibilities Are Awakening To Our Souls

Possibilities are …people awakening to their souls. So much is going on nowadays where people are thirsty for spirituality. ┬áThere is a Jewish prophecy about this time (called Geulah) and it’s amazing to see it unfolding and being revealed before our very eyes. At the tap of a key, information is at our fingertips, and people are searching to know what cannot yet be seen. The holy Jewish sage, the Rambam, discussed this time period (in the 1100’s) that is written in Kabbalah and other Jewish sources: “There will be neither famine nor war, neither envy nor strife, because goodness will flow in abundance and all delightful things will be as available as dust. The occupation of the entire world will be solely to know G-d.” We’re still anticipating the cessation of suffering, poverty and strife, but definitely seeing that people are searching for Hashem (G-d) is a great clue that all of these things will come about soon, may it be quickly in our time. Amen!

26th day of the Jewish month of Teves – the month of Possibilities