Potentials are Right in Front of Us

Potentials are … right in front of us. Opportunities to change, possibilities to tap into, resources to discover, habits to decide, negative patterns to shift a moment at a time. Years ago I ignored my creative and intuitive side. Then slowly I embraced it and expanded into it which has been AMAZING. It’s freezing cold winter now and so much funner to stay inside creating, but I’ve decided that getting outside, walking to my exercise class, exercising, shoveling, decluttering, cleaning etc. are part of creating and intuiting. So today, to change a habit, I walked in 13 degrees to exercise class and shoveled for a half hour. I got rewarded for my efforts by noticing a beautiful, very loud woodpecker in a tree who brings the message that when foundations are balanced and integrated, positive potentials are created. Feeling invigorated & grateful?
15th day of the Jewish month of Teves – the month of Potentials