Awe is … Divine Providence

Awe is … Hashgacha protis, which is Hebrew for divine providence. Everything is basically hashgacha protis, but sometimes you get a glimpse of the awe of an encounter or an event. A few years ago, I was sitting on the couch during the first days of the Passover holiday. I was looking at a book from Penny Pierce called a ‘Leap of Perception.’ Since I’m a Martha Beck trained coach, I was pleased to see that the introduction was written by Martha since I enjoy her writing. I also happened to turn the book over and look at the endorsements by other people, something I usually don’t do. Surprise, Surprise my eye caught the name Demian Lichtenstein, a Jewish man that my husband had met once at a health retreat. We had been sending him a boxed gift of special matzah for Passover in the years that had followed that meeting. That year we were busy and just had forgotten. My husband had told me that Demian was a screenwriter and here it was, I was seeing his name and endorsement on the back of Penny Pierce’s book. On my lap as well was a Jewish magazine opened to an article called ‘Hashgacha Protis’ (see picture). Almost immediately when Demian’s name registered in my mind, so did the huge ‘Hashgacha Pratis’ of the article also register. It was like “ding, ding, ding.” I told my husband, “we forgot to send Demian matzah this year and look at this!” The following day, my husband emailed Demian to check if his address was still the same. When he responded back, we sent the gift of special matzah to him, still in time for most of the Passover holiday. Not just that, but the article itself was a story about the divine providence of a rabbi, last minute before leaving on a trip, remembering to pack special matzah in his car just in case someone needed it. And he tells that a Jewish man in a small town, that he was passing through, actually did. The awe is that I couldn’t even make this up if I tried 🙂 Hashem (G-d) really loves acts of kindness and will situate the physical world in such interesting ways to enable us to make miracles happen. And the name of the book is called “Leap of Perception.” Amazing 🙂 Sometimes we really do get a glimpse of G-d’s hand behind the scenes.





22nd day of the Jewish month of Tammuz – the month of Awe