Knowing the ‘What,’ Letting Go of the ‘Why’

Happy first day of the Jewish month of Tammuz. I’m creating the theme for this month as Revelation.

Revelation is …knowing that whatever is revealed to me is what I need to know for my service in the world. If an answer, a piece of information, a person etc. is not being revealed to me now then I’m not needing that now. What could be happening when I feel like I’m missing something or feeling anxious that I don’t have, can’t find, haven’t heard etc. is that I’m being given the opportunity to do some processing of the emotion that’s revealing itself to me. 

I found that the question of “what? what is being asked of me?” rather than the “why? why did this happen?” is more significant and empowering. With the “what?” I can take action – process an emotion, practice patience or compassion to myself and others, or do an act of kindness. The “why” may one day be revealed to me or not – either way, I’m transforming my ego self and revealing my divine self by taking action that benefits the world.

1st day of the Jewish month of Tammuz – the month of Revelation