Awe is Miracles & Release From Our Self Imposed Prisons

Awe is … miracles enclosed in nature. There are some miracles that break nature and then there are some miracles that come from the highest order of Divine revelation that they are enclothed within nature. Today is a special day called Yud Beis Tammuz and celebrates the miraculous release of the previous Rebbe of Lubavitch from the decree of exile and from Soviet prison in 1927. He was arrested for teaching and strengthening Judaism among Jews in the Soviet Union. The same people who had arrested him in the first place,haters of Judaism and observant Jews, were also the same people who were forced to assist in releasing him. It is a day of celebration and a day of blessings for material and spiritual good. May we all be released from our self imposed prisons and not only experience miracles, but transform the physical world into a vessel for G-dliness. Amen 🙂
12th day of the Jewish month of Tammuz – the month of Awe