Awe is Kabbalah and Astrology

Reading up on some kabbalah as I write my memoir and it’s always so fascinating 🙂 Angels are conduits of divine energy flow. Some are permanent and some are temporary, some we even create through our choice of words and actions. In terms of planets and stars, every star in the universe has a name and each of the names of the stars correspond to the names of angels. When we talk about astrology, there is a ‘mazel of the hour’ meaning an angel of the hour that someone is born. However, though astrology does have truth to it, the truth is to be used for character analysis, but not to lock someone into auspicious times or predictions. We should always know that we can connect above our ‘mazel’ and connect directly with G-d through prayer. The more we connect with G-d directly rather than relying on nature, mazel, stars etc., the more G-d is going to connect to us above natural means. We are never stuck and there are always possibilities, miracles, and wonders. This is awe 🙂
25th day of the Jewish month of Tammuz – the month of Awe