Divine Miracles Are Choosing Our Soul

Divine Miracles are … the freedom to choose our soul. Sometimes our bodies may not be free, but our souls are always free. There is a famous story of the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson. In his very difficult life in Russia in the early 1900’s, he was often arrested for teaching Judaism. One morning in the synogogue, he was arrested and a gun was pointed to his head. The armed agent told him to give up his religious activities and threatened him using these words “This little toy has made many a man change his mind.”The Rebbe calmly replied: “That little toy can intimidate only the kind of man who has many gods-passions, and but one world – this world. Because I have only one G‑d and two worlds, I am not impressed by your little toy.” He did not cease his religious activities and continued in his faith and to inspire others as well. This is the miracle of freedom to choose our soul, our faith, our morality, our values.

12th day of the Jewish month of Tammuz- the month of Divine Miracles