Celebration of Strength

Celebration is … today – a day of strength and empowerment. The number of today is the number 28 which in Hebrew represents ‘power, strength.’ It is also the anniversary of the day that the Rebbe and his wife, the Rebbetzin, arrived in America in 1941, escaping Nazi Germany. One of the most profound lessons that the Rebbe teaches is that of escaping the limitations of our minds and making choices. The Rebbe says that very often “difficulties are partly in our minds. If we see them as difficulties and as obstacles, that is what they will be. But if we decide that they just don’t exist, then it’s like what Reb Mendel, a Jew who suffered severely under Communist rule, did in Russia when he said, “Look, the Czar has his thing to do and I have my thing to do. Let him do his thing and I’ll do mine. I’m not going to let him prevent me from doing what I have to do.”
This is how you should feel about all those people that laugh at you, all those people that want to make life difficult. Just say, “Well, that’s their job; they’re here to make life difficult for me. Let them go ahead and try. But I know what I have to do. Your attitude is all important. If you have the attitude that, “I know what I have to do,” and you go ahead and do it, you’ll see those obstacles will just vanish, or diminish into nothingness.” (Nechama Greisman).
So today, take your G-d given strength to leave limitations behind and do what your soul is calling you to do. Choose life. Obstacles begone.
This is a special dollar that I received from the Rebbe for charity 20+ years ago on this day of the 28th day of Sivan. I gave my own dollar as charity and kept this one to remind me of my strength in overcoming challenges. Take it as if I’m sharing that strength with you.

28th day of the Jewish month of Sivan – the month of Celebration