Blessings are Men

Blessings are …. men. I’ve taken and continue to take many relationship courses on my personal journey as a wife and on my professional journey as a coach. These wonderful courses have enhanced my understanding of men. I have developed deep appreciation for what I perceive as the masculine energy in the world that has shown up for me in my father, in my husband, in my sons and in other men I know. I am in wonder and awe of the differences that exist between the feminine and masculine. I am sorry for the wounding men have encountered as a result of themselves and women misunderstanding their natures, their vulnerabilities, their wholeness. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow my respect for these wonderful beings and to give space to their way of doing things, their way of thinking and their way of doing their best on this journey of Life. May we partner up in hope, joy and Oneness as we gather our resources and work together in transforming this world into a place of Peace and Wonder for all.

18th day of the Jewish month of Shevat – the month of Blessings