Blessings are Somatic/Mindbody Health

Blessings are … client love. I’m blessed to be doing the work I do, helping facilitate women reaching their optimal health by tapping into the wisdom of their body, emotions and soul. Sharing a client’s testimonial (with permission of course 
“As a busy, working wife and mother, optimum mental and physical energy are paramount to living my best life. When a highly tense and deeply rooted family situation had me constantly anxious and exhausted, Miriam helped me find my breath. Together, we worked on the tension in my chest, stomach and entire body as we finally loosened the hold that this tense situation had on me. Through our sessions, I learned that love and respect of my body’s cues leads to higher functioning and real peace of mind.” Yay!
13th day of the Jewish month of Shevat – the month of Blessings