Blessings are Mind-body Wellness Tips

Blessings are … Mind-body wellness tips. Here’s one: Be careful what words you use because the messages do affect the body. Like if a situation is annoying, best not to say “I’m so sick of this …” or “I’m so tired of this …” If you’re tired, then be tired or if you’re sick, then you’re sick, but if a situation is annoying then say exactly that – “I’m annoyed.” We don’t want to give our power away to anyone or any situation. If we say a situation makes us sick, then we’ll feel hopeless, powerless and that could cause our body to actually feel not well or cause dis-ease. Instead, identify the feeling and then process. I share these mind-body wellness tips in my newsletters which I’ll sometimes share on my feed. But if you hop on over to my site ( and put your email in, then you won’t miss any. Plus, I’m developing classes and will be offering a discount and first dibs (the classes will be very small – 4-6 people – so I’ll have time to give attention to each participant) for those on my email list.Β Let’s get healthy people! It’s really within our grasp πŸ™‚

26th day of the Jewish month of Shevat – the month of Blessings