Miracles are Tambourines

Blessings are … Tambourines. There’s an ancient story told that when the Jewish people left Egypt as slaves the women brought with them tambourines. The reason for this was to celebrate their miraculous redemption. The oppressors of the Jews, the Egyptians at that time, had chased them into the sea. But a miracle happened and G-d told Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses) to raise his arm over the sea and the waters split. This created easy pathways for the Jews to walk through and live. Once on dry land, the prophetess Miriam, Moshe’s sister, led the women in song and dance with their tambourines to celebrate life and the miracle Hashem (G-d) had made for them. The Torah says that in the future there will come a time again when Moshe and all the Israelites who left Egypt during the splitting of the sea will be resurrected (a Jewish concept from the Torah) to sing this song. With the Rebbe’s encouragement, many Jewish women of our generation gather to decorate tambourines and hang them on our walls not in memory of the miracle, but in order to celebrate the much awaited miracle that we expect to happen sooner than soon, when the whole world will be transformed into a place of light and kindness. This time is called Geula. 

21st day of the Jewish month of Shevat – the month of Blessings