Courage Is Being Modest With Our Body


Courage is … being modest with our body. The way of the world as it is now, the more bare, the more guts. But what if it were the complete opposite? What if the more modest, the more guts? At this time, Hollywood, Cosmo, and the media dictate to women how to dress and how much of their body to show off. And they claim that this is what makes women powerful – the ability to bare cleavage and then say ‘blank you’ to anyone who claims that they shouldn’t dress that way. The big lie of the modern day is that a woman should be able to show off her breasts, and her rear and that men shouldn’t give a darn. Women yell at men and say they shouldn’t look or be distracted by their showing of these parts. But what if these parts are precious, to be kept private for the sexual attraction and enjoyment with a beloved partner and not just for show for any joe-shmo? A man’s nature is to look at the physical parts of women – it’s how the Creator created them. The nature of women? To look at the whole person. Dovid Hamelech (King David) said that ‘the glory of the King’s daughter is on the inside.’ ‘King’ refers to Hashem (G-d) and women as daughters expect to be seen and respected for their whole inner essence – not just their physical parts. And yet, when we bare those parts, we yell that we don’t want to only be seen for our physicality. Let’s stop yelling at men and know that for a woman’s true, powerful glory to be seen, she doesn’t need to bare her breasts, she needs to bare her essence. And that is beautiful and courageous.

21st day of the Jewish month of Kislev – the month of Courage