Courage Is Speaking Up


Courage is … speaking up. Since I run my life according to Jewish mysticism, I’ll share how I’m seeing the political situation of these days, which I know has been frightening a lot of people. Taking an eagle eye perspective and a Jewish mystical perspective, I’m seeing this: the Torah speaks of the meeting up of Esau and Yaakov (Jacob whose name gets changed to Yisroel) as a meeting up of divine forces in the world to bring about a time called Geula – when the world is transformed to a state of peace, health, abundance and revealed spirituality.

At the time mentioned in the Torah, Esau was supposed to meet up with Yaakov, but he didn’t – he wasn’t ready yet. And now, since we are at the year 5777 Jewish calendar time and the world as we know it transforms into this incredible peaceful state of Being before the year 6000, Esau is ready to meet Yaakov. Esau was a rough, course red faced character – similar to the way Trump is showing up. He supports Israel, which represents Yaakov. So to me, this meeting up of these spiritual forces is happening now through this farcical political situation. It doesn’t mean that all his policies are right on, but the bigger picture looks like this to me. And the result, as ‘crazy’ as it sounds, is an incredible revelation of Divine essence which results in Peace.

There – I spoke up 🙂

20th day of the Jewish month of Kislev – the month of Courage