Miracles are Happening

Miracles are … worth celebrating šŸ™‚ Big time. The singer Youval Taieb wrote this song about the Rebbe after his cousin, who had not had children for many, many years, wrote a letter asking for a blessing from the Rebbe. She received a blessing and had a baby within a year. Youval was so thrilled that he wrote this beautiful song below to celebrate the miracle. He sang it at a special event and the joy in it is tangible. I love dancing to it in my home šŸ™‚

The song includes the verse “We Want Moshiach Now,” which refers to the Jewish concept of the Messiah. In Judaism, there are laws that pertain to who fits that role, but the aspect of singing about it lets Hashem (G-d) know that we’re done with a world of competition, poverty, and all kinds of suffering, and that we are ready to welcome a world of abundance, safety, health, unity, and Peace. In the Rebbe’s own words, “The books of the Prophets are replete with the promises and assurances given by Gā€‘d to His people that the gloomy night of the exile will end and the dawn of the redemption will arrive.”

In the ’80s the Rebbe encouraged children and adults alike to demand from Hashem (G-d) to usher in this time period as soon as possible instead of waiting till the prophesized Jewish year 6000. It is now 5779, but as the song says, “We Want Moshiach Now!” and we don’t want to wait šŸ™‚ Expect more miracles.

21st day of the Jewish month of Kislev – the month of Miracles