Miracles are Happening

Miracles are … a story I heard at the Shabbos meal. A man from our community told us of his miracle. He was diagnosed with a dreaded disease (I’d prefer to call it this rather than its common name), and was given a terrible prognosis because it was throughout his body. He was given a few months to live. He became very depressed besides being in terrible pain and was also very angry at Hashem (G-d). He had been newly practicing his Jewish traditions and felt very connected to the Lubavitcher Rebbe. He decided to go to the Ohel which is where the gravesite of the Rebbe and the previous Rebbe is and request a blessing. People of all faiths go to this place and pour their hearts out. Even in his very weak state, he was able to fly to Brooklyn with a friend and go to the Ohel. In his words, he “prayed like he never had before.” He had a spiritual experience and felt different, like a renewed strength. He hobbled back to his friend who waited for him in the building that is specifically set up to receive visitors at the Ohel, and his friend remarked that he had more coloring to his face, that something looked different about him. He said to his friend, “I’m going to live.” He returned home and had a few chemotherapy treatments. After the fourth, which was June of last year (2017), the doctor ran scans and tests. The doctor was shocked to see that all of the dreaded disease was gone. Not a trace left in this man’s body. The doctor couldn’t believe what he was seeing with his eyes—he had told him that he had .0% to live. This man said that he had gone to the Rebbe at the Ohel and prayed. The doctor, an observant Jew himself, had said, “Well, maybe that was it.” Two months later, they did new scans and concluded that he was completely healthy. I witnessed that just yesterday. A true miracle.
10th day of the Jewish month of Kislev – the month of Miracles