Healing Is Making Space For The Divine

Healing is … taking meds when you need to. As a coach, I use my mind-body tools daily which is super helpful in terms of my health and just about everything else. When I do get a headache or some kind of painful body ache, I’ll use more of the tools. But if the pain doesn’t go away as quickly as I’d like, I’ll take an excedrin, ibuprofin or whatever. G-d is the healer not me or the meds or the mind-body tools. Those are just the channels for health, but not the source of healing. It’s really humbling to do things G-d’s way with no agenda or graspiness to a particular medium. This is a huge part of the healing because the source of everything is spiritual – it all starts from there and humility is the key. Making space for the divine in our being is freeing.
29th day of the Jewish month of Iyar – the month of Healing