Happy 1st day of Healing

Happy 1st day of the Jewish month of Iyar – the month of Healing.

This is the energy pouring into the world and I give everyone a blessing that we see it and feel it, physically, spiritually, emotionally on all levels and in all dimensions of space and time. The Hebrew letters of Iyar are an acronym of the phrase ‘I am G-d your healer.’ In truth, all healing comes from Hashem (G-d). The doctors, chiropractors, coaches, medicines, acupuncturists, herbalists etc. are all agents and channels for people to experience healing, but the true source of the healing is Hashem. That’s why it’s important to not get too attached to the healing channel. Know that G-d can bring healing anyway G-d wants – through meds, through natural herbs, through homeopathy, through surgery, through this doctor or that healer etc. Ask and pray for kind, speedy and complete healing, but don’t make the means of it into idol worship.

Today is also Love-Yourself-More Monday 🙂 How did you nourish your body and soul today? Self compassion and kindness is healing to the body, while self-criticism and self-judgement cause inner tension.

If you’re wanting to lower your stress level and tap into the wisdom of your body and intuition, you may enjoy the somatic health tips that I share in my Love-Yourself-More Monday newsletter. In today’s newsletter I shared a somatic tip in releasing negative labelling. For future newsletters, I invite you to sign up at https://www.miriamracquel.com/ Enjoy!

1st day of the Jewish month of Iyar – the month of Healing