Trust is Feeling Hashem’s Closeness

Today is the first day of the Jewish month of Elul. Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the 1700’s master of mystical Chassidic Judaism, shared lovingly that during this month “the king (G-d) is in the field.”
Usually, a king resides in his royal palace and is far from the people whom he reigns over. So when the Rebbe says that the king (G-d) has left the palace and is in the field, he means to say that for this period of time, the king (G-d) is very accessible to all who reach out to Him. G-d receives them with a smile and a warm greeting.
I’m calling the theme of this month Trust because that is what I’d like to hold in my mind’s eye and feel on a physical level that Hashem (G-d) is that close to me when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the seas of life.
By reminding myself that my G-d is right here, behind the scenes, in the scenes and controlling the scenes as I do my part, grounds me and calms my nervous system. I remember to take conscious breaths and trust that whatever is happening is directed by a divine hand. My system slows down, as does my mind, and I’ve walked into trust.
1st day of the Jewish month of Elul – the month of Trust