Compassion is Believing in Someone

Compassion is … being the one who believes in someone. Sometimes it takes only one angel ( a human one) to be that supportive, compassionate witness to change someone’s life for the good. I love reading Southwest magazines because they tell such inspiring tales. This one I read awhile ago and it touched my heart. Jason Bishop was passed around in the foster care system, being the son of drug addicted, violent parents. He was lucky to be taken in for many years by one mom who loved him and told him that she would forever be his mom even when the foster system took him and passed him around to others. He promised to return to her and did, at eighteen, to the woman who allowed him to grieve the past that was a nightmare and to embrace a life that was beyond belief. He grew to be a successful magician as well as a kind, honest man. That’s the magic compassion can do.

10th day of the Jewish month of Av – the month of Compassion