Strength is Choosing the Way We Speak to Ourselves

Strength is … choosing the way we speak to ourselves. Kindness strengthens the body, criticism and judgement weaken the body, Gd forbid. Any change made can be made with kindness to ourselves. That is a discipline in and of itself. And a commitment. We can lower stress by changing thoughts. I notice that when I ask myself the question “How can I love myself even more today than yesterday?” a dialogue of compassion and gratitude flows in my mind. I automatically feel a sense of expansiveness and comfort which immediately lowers my stress. Once, I got lost driving and I didn’t even realize that there were some ‘beat up’ thoughts going on in my mind. When I found my way and parked, I took a moment to ask myself that question and voila!, compassion flowed and my body felt so much better and centered ? Try it and see ?

2nd of the Jewish month of Adar I – the month of Strength