Strength is Starting Something New

Strength is …starting something new. I may not know how to do something, but I’m going to start because it’s moving me in the direction I want to move. When we start something new, we have a choice – we can think ‘oh, that’s so scary’ or we can think ‘oh, this is new and vulnerable.’ That sensation of vulnerability in the body can feel like ‘fear,’ but the true emotion of fear puts us in a state of intense awareness – like ‘pay attention.’ When we think that something is scary, we go into fight and flight. If we can’t fight or flee, then we freeze which is like lockdown mode and shuts off our intuition. So when we want to start something new, that physical sensation in the stomach/solar plexus is best identified as vulnerability, rather than fear. Fear is for emergencies when you need a quick reaction to something physically dangerous; vulnerability is for starting something new that changes our old ego perception of self. For this we need intuitive flow, strength and courage.25th day of the Jewish month of Adar I – the month of Strength