Strength is Breaking Your Own Rules

Strength is … breaking the rules, your own, I mean. A few years ago, I remember having this experience: I was driving carpool down a one way, narrow street and a moving truck blocked the way. I had to back all the way up into an intersection and I asked myself what metaphor this was. What my intuition said was that ‘sometimes the way forward is just too narrow and so you have to back up, do something different, break your own rules.’ That day I kept quiet when I was normally direct and straightforward, put on a sweater that didn’t quite match what I was wearing and did other things to shake up my own paradigm. I still do that today—shake up my paradigm when my intuition calls me to do so. And I’ve stopped asking for explanations; I’ve stopped asking the ‘why’ question. I just go with the flow and trust that it’s okay not to know. It feels really freeing and expansive 🙂

And how about you? How about doing something different and breaking your own rules? 🙂

7th day of the Jewish month of Adar I – the month of Strength