The Jewish Month of Adar

Blessings on welcoming the Jewish month of Adar. The Talmud states that when “when the month of Adar arrives, we increase in joy” because it is a month of miracles. It contains the holiday of Purim in which there were many miracles and a hiddenness of circumstances that eventually became revealed. Things appeared one way, but behind the scenes there was much going on. Which is the way it is. The spiritual worlds contain so much mystery and a behind the scenes tapestry that we’re rarely privy to. In this tapestry are all the answers to our questions.
The Rebbe says that the word ‘Adar’ is related to the word ‘adir’ which means strength and power. It is a strength to recognize and rejoice in our blessings. This year there are 2 months of Adar so we get double Joy and Strength.
1st day of the Jewish month of Adar – the month of Strength