Revelation and Celebration is Shavuot

Revelation and Celebration is …the holiday of Shavuot. This Jewish holiday celebrates the receiving of the Torah thousands of years ago in which a spiritual awakening took place that allowed the hidden, concealed worlds to meet the physical, revealed worlds. There is a refinement of the material world that has been happening ever since. Though this elevation is not quite completely visible yet, we are told by the Rebbe, who is a prophet, to “open our eyes” to see the full revelation of G-dly light being drawn down into the world. There will soon be a complete merging of the spiritual and physical which is referred to as Geula in Kabbalistic terms. As it says by the Jewish prophet, Yeshaya “As the new heavens and the new earth that I am making, stand before Me, says G-d” and at that time we will all see that all of existence is that “I-G-d-am making” at every moment – meaning our eyes will see the Divine energy of each thing in creation sustaining it at every moment. I’m excited for that time to come immediately for I, for one, am done with the darkness of this world. I’m ready for full revelation of Light. Sprinkling out Shabbos and Holiday blessings for Love, Light, Joy, and Peace
4th, 5th,6th days of the Jewish month of Sivan – the month of Revelation and Celebration