An Interview with Miriam Racquel

of the Daily Jew Dew

Miriam Racquel is a Somatic Healer & Clarity Coach and Writer versed in Kabbalistic wisdom. Her blog, The Daily Jew Dew, is inspired by the profound metaphor of the Hebrew word for dew, Tal. In Kabbalah, dew represents G-d’s abundant love for Creation. As dew is constant, so is G-d’s love. Kabbalah teaches that although the blessings of living as a soul in a body aren’t always apparent, there is only spiritual love flowing from the Divine. The human challenge is to see beyond the physical world into the spiritual world by opening our eyes to the soul. By revealing more of our soul, our mind’s eyes open to the concealed spiritual world.

A fundamental Kabbalistic teaching is that Hashem (G-d) created this physical world in order to dwell here – meaning that the intense and full divine love and light of G-d should not overwhelm creation but fill creation without nullifying it. For that to happen, our physical being has to be secondary and transparent to our spiritual self. When this happens, the world will be a place of Oneness and Peace. We will be able to see and feel Divine love which is as constant and abundant as dew.

Why did you start the Daily Jew Dew? As a Chassidic Jew, Writer and Intuitive Wisdom coach, my passion and primary orientation is towards the spiritual. According to Kabbalah, we are moving towards a time when our eyes of body will see the divine essence in everything. From when I was young, I have always felt a deep sadness over the sufferings of humans and animals. Throughout my life, including living as an observant Jew, raising my children to be compassionate and helping to relieve others of some of their personal challenges through my coaching, I have in my own little ways attempted to make a dent in alleviating the suffering in this world. My hope is that by sharing bits and pieces of kabbalistic wisdom, as well as very down to earth wisdom from all I’ve gathered and learned over the years, that more people will see divine light and the world will know Peace. In fact, according to Jewish Mysticism, there is a prophesized time, known as Geula when “There will be neither famine nor war, neither envy nor strife, because goodness will flow in abundance and all delightful things will be available as dust. The occupation of the whole world will be solely to know G-d.” – Maimonides.

How do your posts help the reader to reveal their soul? My posts are organized according to the Hebrew calendar which follows the lunar cycle. Each Hebrew month enlivens the world with a certain energy and my hope is that my daily posts reflect and encourage my readers to tap into that energy.

Can you give an example? Sure. I describe the energy and theme for the month in the first day of the month’s posting. So, for the month of Nissan, I’ll give the reader information about the spiritual applications of that month which is Freedom. Then each day’s daily post for that month of Nissan is about Freedom.

How can a reader contact you if they have questions?  I can be reached by email at or my site